Paint Selection Guide

We offer both standard and custom colors in exceptionally durable, attractive, and eco-friendly powder coat finishes.  Powder coating is superior to wet paint because it has a longer life, eliminates chipping or scratching, resistant to corrosion and impact, resistant to most chemicals and solvents, pollution free and creates no hazardous or toxic waste.

We offer 10 standard powder coat colors.  There are over 100 other colors that you can chose from which may have a small cost increase.  Custom color matching is available which requires a minimum purchase of 50 lbs of powder and 4+ weeks leaad time.  Kiosks with more than one color will have an additional setup charge per color.

We recommend that our customers pick a textured semi gloss finish for the kiosks.  This will be more fingerprint resistant and will hide most of the imperfections in the cabinet.  High gloss colors tend to show some imperfections and stud rings at certain angles.  We recommend a priming layer if our customers require a high gloss finish which will incur additional costs.  Colors may appear different depending on your monitorā€™s setting and resolution.  Please request a physical sample for a more accurate representation