Kiosk Software – Standard

Standard Kiosk Software Overview

Powerful Software for Engaging Kiosks and Digital Signs

LIVEWIRE provides a comprehensive suite of kiosk software to secure your remote kiosk systems, digital signs, and mobile apps.

The kiosk software standard client runs locally on the machine to secure the kiosks and communicate with the Enterprise Server Console. The two components work together to generate usage reports, send heartbeats to remotely monitor multiple kiosks, and push content and software updates out to groups of kiosks, digital signs, and mobile apps. This software contains the Configuration Tool, which you configure to set the User Interface.

Kiosk Software – Standard Edition Features

Kiosk Lockdown Features

Custom Navigational Toolbar Skin

Pop-up and file download blocking

Multiple Monitor Support

Device Support

Attract Mode

Keyboard Filtering

Webpage Blocking

Virtual Keyboard

Hardware/Software Watchdog

Session/Usage Logging