Kiosk Software – Enterprise Edition

Kiosk Software – Enterprise Edition Overview

Our Enterprise Edition of kiosk software with integrated digital signage software takes the ease of content management to a whole new level through our trademarked eConcierge software features.

eConcierge Client offers a comprehensive set of features used to secure and drive any interactive kiosk and digital signage product.

Our Digital Signage Features include:

  • Complete security for interactive self-service applications
  • Integrated digital signage
  • Transaction processing
  • Customer personalization

Kiosk Software – Enterprise Edition Features

Product Management

Shopping Cart

Transaction Processing

Transaction Meters

Cash Accept/Dispense

Cash Management

EMV Credit Card Processing

Extended Device Support

Device Test Panel

Email/Text Sending

Integrated Digital Signage

File Capture/Upload

Application Security Access Levels

Venue Directories

People Directories

Customer Management

Application Messaging

Utility Functions

Server API

Includes all features of Kiosk Standard